A 32-page workbook with step-by-step techniques and short practical tasks for calming mind and body


by Arta Citko & Zane Veinberga






A collection of methods for reducing stress and becoming a little happier. Packed in 32 pages. With room for your notes and observations. 


People tend to associate stress with something bad, but it doesn’t have to be. This little playful workbook is here to provide you with practical knowledge. 

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+ Printed version available in English and Estonian! PDF only in English


+ Printed version A5 size, 32 pages. / PDF version A4 size, 17 pages


11 chapters packed with thinking, writing and drawing tasks and useful recourses.


+ Suitable for individual work with yourself, like self-coaching. 


Suitable also for consultants as a tool in group training or 1-on-1 sessions.
P.S. Special price for orders above 50pcs available upon request.


+ Takes about 1-2 hours to complete in one go. But you can also do one chapter per day. Totally up to you and your situation. 


+ Created by 2 fantastic ladies. Zane Veinberga (Psychologist) and Arta Citko (Designer).


Current Version 1.0.






If no one taught you about stress in school or in your family then this is for you. Can be used individually. Can be used as a complementary tool by consultants and educators in group training or private sessions. Perfect gift for employees.


Different studies show the harmful short-and long-term effects of prolonged stress and negative emotions on our immune system cells. Stress impacts not only each individual but also the whole society. Negative emotions are often poured out on other people in your family and community. Learn to master your thoughts, emotions and behaviour under stress.




Benefits of being able to control your emotions and manage stressful situations: 


  • Reduced negative impact of stress on your health,

  • Increased productivity at work,

  • Improved relationships with others,

  • Improved overall quality of life,

  • An increased feeling of happiness.











What is stress?


A little intro. How stress impacts our bodies, children and society. Negative effects of prolonged stress. Positive effects of mastering stressful situations. 



How to recognise stress?


Discover the stimuli and the design of stress. Learn about the difference between Eustress and Distress. Practice noticing what triggers stress in your life.



Master your thoughts


Learn to avoid negative thinking traps. Analyse your own experiences and practice reprogramming your automatic negative thoughts.



Master your emotions


Learn to recognise and shift emotions. Practice stimulating positive emotions. Improve your vocabulary and labelling emotions. Evaluate the intensity of emotions in situations from your own experience. Practice gratefulness.



Master your behaviour


Learn to disable stress by calming your body. Practice describing stress-caused sensations in different parts of your body. 



Positive thinking, emotions and actions


Learn to direct your attention to what stress is not. Become aware of the thought-feeling-behaviour loop and what it means to you. Discover some uplifting questions you can use whenever feeling down. 



How to reduce stress


Test our list of scientifically proven methods and come up with your own.



How to reduce stress at work


Learn methods to use at your workplace.



New habits


Look at your lifestyle, set a few new goals using Arta's favourite three-list method and make a promise to yourself.





Be in the moment. Create. Discover some of the most effective meditation and visualisation techniques. Write your own guided visualisation.



Dig deeper


Discover our recommended anti-stress recourses. Inspiring books, videos and illustrations. A calming playlist. "Stress-less" Pinterest board and mobile apps.



& Room for notes and observations


Extra space for your answers to questions. And doodles. And random thoughts.




9.99 EUR

VAT included.


The perfect tool for identifying, tackling and controlling stress factors.

Maija Anna Ludbārža




Your read the intro of each chapter and then fill the tasks.


Some of the tasks require deeper thinking, some more creative. Some suggest to get up and go somewhere. Some instruct to take a deep breath. 


In short - by doing the tasks and discovering how stress works you become increasingly more aware of what triggers stress in you and your reactions to it. Those moments exactly give you the opportunity to change your responses, actions and perhaps environment.








Arta Citko in collaboration with Zane Veinberga.


Zane is a Psychologist (Mag.Psych.). Zane is now using this playbook in her workshops. Here's a message from Zane:

I truly care about people’s wellbeing both in professional and personal life. If each of us took care of our own health and became happier, our loved ones would also become happier. In my view, that’s what matters the most. 


Start with yourself and then inspire the people around you!


Arta is a Personal-Development Coach, Designer & creator of Happy Playbooks. Here's a message from Arta:


I’m all about taking action and doing it playfully! I hope this book will shine a little sunlight onto your awareness. And help you remember to do more of what stress is not.


We all live on a spinning ball hanging in Outer space. Remember to have fun!





"The topmost thing what a human can do is not to change the world but himself."
/ Imants Ziedonis /


9.99 EUR

VAT included.

And have fun!



Arta & Zane

P.S. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any questions when filling out the playbook.

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