A letter from Arta, the author.


Why most self-help books don't work? 


My answer - because the theory is just one step. 

Have you ever read an awesome and super-motivating article or a book about how to improve your life/work etc? Sure you have. Me too. I also know that more often than not we don't actually apply the knowledge and tend to procrastinate with putting into practice that newly discovered amazing life-changing knowledge. Maybe we don't know how to apply it because we haven't took time to think about it. And not only that - sometimes the book just eats up too much time to get to the end, because it is like 3cm thick.. with  J U S T  W O R D S... Oh, kill me, please. (Patience is not my strength :P)


I wanted to change this + make the reading process fun.

The other step - practical application.

So I made workbooks that are SHORT, have tasks that make you THINK of how to apply that amazing life-changing knowledge and provides a place for your SCRIBBLES (notes, doodles, calculations, ideas etc.) so you get some results as you go. And last but not least - they don't look like the other boring workbooks, because I hate boring design. I say let your inner child out and have some fucking FUN! Write on all the fucking free space. You're not in school anymore!


These workbooks are made not only for personal use but also serves as practical tools for educators, psychologists, consultants of all sorts, providing a more engaging learning experience for students and clients.

About myself:

I am a Personal Development Coach, a Graphic Designer with over 10 years of experience and an eternal child.


I love learning so much that I'm studying something all the time. I'm testing daily various self-discipline and self-coaching methods, coming up with my own simple-short-fun versions and then offering to you, the modern conscious human who's looking for a book that works.

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