Career Direction Playbook (PDF)


Career Direction Playbook is a guided template for discovering your potential career, business, study path and other adventures. In these worksheets, you will find methods, ideas and questions that help with decision making. Use individually or in workshops.

  • Suitable for individual work as well as in workshops or in class.


    The mission of the book is:


    To give you a TOOL through which you can discover possible career options that fit you personally. 

    To feed your IMAGINATION so it can produce some possible business ideas that are based on your interests and the impact you want to make. 

    To work BOTH SIDES of your brain - imagination & constructive thinking to come up with the next steps towards your goal. 

    To make you more COMPETENT in making choices about your own future, by giving you a method and questions you can use later on. 

    To INSPIRE you, and get you excited to pursue one of the career options you will come up with.


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