Foundership Playbook (PDF)


Foundership Playbook is a practical guide with questions & exercises that help kids discover what it takes to become a founder. Most suitable for 12-18 year-olds. Created in collaboration with Kaidi Ruusalepp.

  • A short & practical workbook that educates in a playful step-by-step way about how to become a founder. The book is for everyone who wants to become a founder one day. It does not matter how young or old you are. The only rule is you need to have at least one project or business idea you can work on throughout the playbook, that will help you understand all the bits and pieces of foundership. That will give you an understanding of how to apply the new knowledge to other projects too.


    "My hope is that with this playbook we’re inspiring lots of young people (and not only!) to take action to set up their own initiatives, practice founding and build great things and teams." - Arta Citko




    What is the story behind this playbook?


    I saw Kaidi’s inspiring speech at Latitude59 in Tallinn, Estonia on May 25th. I immediately fell in love with her message and I saw how her message can be turned into a playbook. The structure of her speech, the topics was exactly like chapters of a book would be — the vision, the mindset, the team, the network and so on. And the energy she shared it with, moved me. It was clear that she had something bigger to share with the world and I had an idea how to do it with a playbook!


    After Kaidi's speech, I reached out to her, showed my playbooks and offered to collaborate, to make a playbook based on her speech, and she was immediately in!


    Less then 2 months later, we launched the Foundership Playbook with exercises that teach what it takes to be a founder and how to develop a founder state of mind

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