Brand Design Playbook (PDF)


A short & simple D.I.Y. branding template. A structured approach to finding the voice and image of your brand you wish to project onto the world. 

  • This workbook guides you through different questions to explore & discover new aspects of your business idea, project or existing company. It includes thinking, writing & drawing. In the last pages of the playbook, you build up the character and lastly fill the Summary Page with all the answers you have found throughout the book. Summary page can also be used a short brand style-guide. 


    These worksheets include various brand-defining methods, remixed and presented in short & simple way.


    Possible side-effects, based on customer feedback:

    - Ideas for marketing campaigns

    - Ideas for product packaging design

    - Ideas for the name of your project

    - More clarity about how to present the project

    - More clarity about who is the target audience 


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